Got lemons?

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dog-wolf.jpgWhy stop with lemonade?  Make this highly drinkable cocktail, courtesy of the gorgeous and talented poet Laure-Anne Bosselaar.  Last summer, she kept the MFA faculty at Pine Manor College laughing on the front porch every night with these wickedly delicious drinks, which we immediately dubbed Laure-annetinis.  She was kind enough to give me her recipe, which has been taped to our fridge ever since.

You'll need vodka, Bianco sweet vermouth (don't substitute dry vermouth, or the drink will taste nasty), either Campari or Aperol, lemons, and ice.

Over ice in the glass of your choice (we used generous wine glasses), mix 3 parts vodka with 1 part Bianco.  Add a splash of Aperol (preferable) or Campari (an acceptable substitute).  Squeeze in the juice of half a lemon and as much pulp as you want.  Salud!

All this, and writes, too.  Laure-Anne's poem "Leek Street," included in the collection The Hour Between Dog and Wolf, breaks my heart every time I read or teach it.  I wish it were linkable on her website, but some other good ones are, including some from her newest collection, A New Hunger.


Danielle said:

Hi Joy...I just got the solstice newsletter and have been perusing your blog (which I will most certainly add to my list of favorites). I had to laugh when I read this post about Laure-Annetinis! I love them, too. Though, I have to say that I'm a gin girl and the drink is all the more fabulous with Bombay Dry Gin. Here’s to hoping that someday we can sit down together and have one! Hope your semester is going well and that NE is still treating you well! xoxodani

March 4, 2008 8:34 PM

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