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So I'm mooning around, packing, unwilling to leave, listening to Ani DiFranco's "Both Hands" and Peter Mulvey's "On the Way Up" way too many times.  Who on the AWP board of deciders decided to schedule this conference over Valentine's Day, anyway? 

For everyone who's looking forward to meeting up with old friends, and for everyone who, like me, can't wait to get back home, here's your Rumi du jour:

Bonfire at Midnight

A shout comes out of my room
where I've been cooped up.
After all my lust and dead living I can still live with you.
You want me to.
You fix and bring me food.
You forget the way I've been.

The ocean moves and surges in the heat
of the middle of the day,
in the heat of this thought I'm having.
Why aren't all human resistances burning up with this thought?

It's a drum and arms waving.
It's a bonfire at midnight on the top edge of a hill,
this meeting again with you.

You know who you are.


Faye said:

Just had to mention that I love Ani DiFranco! I saw her play quite a few times in New England when she was starting out, including once in an out-of-the-way bar in a college town in New Hampshire, where I was one of only about 5 people in the audience. I can hear "Both Hands" instantly in my head as you mention it.

February 11, 2009 2:25 PM

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