It's Not Winter Until You Lose a Scarf

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Or mittens, or a hat, and I lost my first scarf of the season yesterday, a tan one I really liked.  (Honestly, though, it tended to smell a bit like a damp animal.)  It's out there in the world now, floating in the demimonde of woolly accessories.  This morning, James and I saw a whole puffer coat stuffed in a city trash can.

We were on 12th Street, on our way back from our final, official walk-through of the apartment we're buying next week.  The walk-through is the buyers' final opportunity to make sure everything's ship-shape; our realtor met us there with the keys and his reassuring manner.

Gentle readers, it shrank.   The apartment we saw at nine o'clock this morning is not the apartment I've been mentally renovating for two weeks now.  What are we to do?  The corridor that was definitely at least ten feet long now takes barely two steps to cover.  The vast expanse of open-concept living area has shrunk to a modest purgatory of a room. 

Maybe I'm just getting cold feet. 

I have to say that our realtor has been very nice and knowledgeable throughout the whole process, and since realtors live and die by referrals, I do recommend him.  Maybe the fact that he was a career middle-school teacher helps him calm down jittery clients.  Maybe the fact that he knows Lincoln backwards and forwards--or that he's apparently semi-psychic--helped him suss out what we wanted before we could even articulate it.  In any case, if you need a realtor, Stan Knapp is solid.

Speaking of psychic, did I not just quote Patricia Highsmith on here?  And now a new biography is available.   (Doesn't she look sly?  And I personally have to admire her:  "From age 8 she wanted to kill her stepfather,” says her biographer.  “She was born to murder. She had the mind of a criminal genius.")

If you're planning to give books as holiday gifts, Penguin has a little line of British classics, from Jane Austen to Jane Eyre, with beautiful cloth covers.  My favorite is The Picture of Dorian Grey with the silvery peacock plumes (although the Great Expectations with the chandeliers is nice, too). 



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