O, The Weather Outside . . .

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. . . is frightful, but lovely, too.  I've been indoors most of the day, watching the snow swirl down.  It's sticking and thickening on the ground; tomorrow's hike to work should be interesting.

This weekend has been devoted to graduate students' manuscripts, both scholarly and creative, both Pine Manor and UNL, and I must say, I'm a lucky teacher.  They're just off-the-hook brilliant.  (The weekend's also been devoted to rectifying a recently observed chocolate deficiency in my diet, but enough about that.) 

I'm excited that so many of my students are writing about Margery Latimer.  Remember my worries?  Well, several students are writing really excellent, smart papers about her work, pointing out things I never thought of.  Ahhh.  Sigh of relief.  Other students are writing about Nella Larsen, Virginia Woolf, Meridel Le Sueur, and others.  Some of the papers are definitely conference-worthy.  I didn't know a graduate lit course could be this much fun!

Today's the 6th, which means James and I have 8 days left until we sign on our new apartment.  The closing's set for 10 a.m. on the 14th, and I can't help counting down the days.  Our living room and hallway are already starting to fill with boxes and miscellaneous items I can't understand why we own. 

And young Grey's getting ready to take his finals, after which he'll be heading west to spend his holidays here, and our flamboyantly fake little purple Christmas tree is already up and lit.  Sparkly.  (After years of doing the whole go-out-to-the-tree-farm-and-personally-select-one-for-slaughter-and-rope-it-to-the-car thing, I'd had enough.) 

All told, December and January should be lively, chaotic, and fun. 


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