Mujeres, Start Your Engines

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VIDA: Women in Literary Arts recently released the results of its count.  If you haven't seen these handy pie graphs of the ratios of men to women published in major publications, check them out.  As Amy King writes, "We know women write. We know women read. It’s time to begin asking why the 2010 numbers don’t reflect those facts with any equity."  Always suffer a mild bout of gender depression after reading Harper's or The New Yorker, no matter how good the issue is?  VIDA offers you the stats to support your queasy feeling.  Peruse.  

Got theories?  VIDA offers a forum where you can send in your own thoughts about the gender disparity in publishing and reviewing. 

Of course, the editors of these featured journals haven't accepted this critique of their gender politics lying down.  Carolyn Zaikowski deftly takes on the rebuttals

In local news, the big immigration symposium, Diverse Faces, Shared Histories, is all set for this Friday at the Great Plains Art Museum.  Major folks like Nicole Guidotti-Hernández and Mary Pipher will be speaking.  The evening reading at the Sheldon will feature readings by yours truly, together with Amelia Montes, Ricardo García, and Fran Kaye.  Fun to read with a group!  More like a party. 

Another cool campus event will be on Wednesday, March 16, when my friend Jeannette Jones will be reading and signing her terrific scholarly book In Search of Brightest Africa.  The reading's at 7:00 p.m. at the UNL Bookstore in the student union.  Jeannette's great, and so is the book.

In other very local news, I'm super-happy to have won this year's UNL Sorensen Award for outstanding teaching in the humanities.  They only give out one a year (and it's kinda ka-ching, when most teaching awards are little more than a handshake and a certificate), so I'm popping the champagne.  Many, many, many thanks to Gerry Shapiro, who nominated me, and all the faculty and students who wrote letters on my behalf. 
If you're interested in poetry and latinidad--or just questions of ethnicity, identity, and writing--then check out this amazing new project by Francisco Aragón, the Latino/a Poets Roundtable, featuring Maria Melendez, Blas Falconer, and nine other great poets.  I'm looking forward to reading it slowly.  There's a lot to take in.

Lastly, faithful readers, my contract for THE DESIRE PROJECTS is being negotiated as I type.  (Love you, Mitchell the miraculous agent!) 

Does this excitement make me nervous, scatterbrained, unable to focus, unable to eat?  It does. 

Am I dying to tell you?  I am. 

Am I prudent enough to wait until the ink is dry? 

Just barely, lovely people.  Just barely.



Faye said:

Congratulations on both the teaching award -- which I can personally testify is incredibly well deserved -- and the very exciting news that The Desire Projects is about to be under contract. I'll have to wait to personally testify on that one when it shows up in the bookstore.

You've given your blog readers an unusual chance to "see" a book through the whole process -- from when you first described working on the early manuscript, to the entries about revising chapters, to your agent's initial responses and the early attempts with publishers. Thank you for the inside look. I'm sure we'll all enjoy hearing about the book tour!

March 2, 2011 8:19 PM

fayepoet said:

Congratulations, Joy, on winning such a prestigious award--well deserved, I'm certain. Enjoy the celebration & the ka-ching. (yahoo!!)

And--terrific news about the The Desire Projects heading into the home stretch. I can't wait to read the details.

March 4, 2011 3:54 AM

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